Our products

Frozen and Fresh meat

At this moment BIOLOGIC presents itself to the market through a wide range of references within the fresh and frozen meat sectors.
The animals are bred in free range farms and their food comes from organic production farms, which do not apply synthesis chemicals (fertilizers, pesticides, hormones, additives) nor GMO (genetically modified organisms).
All of the production phases undergo a detailed quality control process, which ensures the delivery of truly organic meat. We intend to evolve in the short term, towards the production and commercialization of organically produced fish.

The Meat

There is no food that is nutritionally complete. Therefore, an ideal diet should contain various types of foods, including meat.
Meat’s main composition is muscle tissue, and is therefore rich in proteins and essential amino acids. It is also an excellent source of zinc, B12, B3, B6 and B2 vitamins, iron and phosphorus. Concerning iron, the consumption of meat is a recommendable source of heme iron, a form of the mineral that is better absorbed by the human body. This means that meat should be part of a balanced diet, when its quality is certified and its consumption is balanced.